Thursday, 22 February 2007

South African budget 2007/2008 - Trevor Manuel


For those of you interested I managed to get hold of a "SUMMARY" of yesterday's South African budget speech for 2007 and 2008. Take a look:

South African Budget Review - Trevor Manuel – 21 February 2007

The Minister of Finance, Mr Trevor Manuel, delivered his budget speech for the 2008 tax year at 2pm today. The following is a summary of the more pertinent points:-


Trevor stated that Companies Tax remains at 29%, however Secondary Tax on Companies is to be replaced by a Dividend Tax on Shareholders in two phases. Phase 1, commencing 1 October 2007, will consist of reducing the current STC rate from 12.5% to 10%. Phase 2, which will commence in 2008, will consist of a complete move to a Dividend Tax on Shareholders, although its administrative enforcement will still be by way of a withholding tax at company level.

Whilst the Income Tax Act allows for depreciation of buildings used in manufacturing, there are currently no benefits for commercial buildings. A wear and tear allowance of 5% pa on new buildings and upgrades is proposed.


The tax rates applicable to small business corporations are as follows:-

2008 tax year
R0 – R43 000 nil
R43 001 – R300 000 10% of the amount over R43 000
R300 001 and over R25700 + 29% of the amount over R300 000

2007 tax year

R0 – R40 000 nil
R40 001 – R300 000 10% of the amount over R40 000
R300 001 and over R26000 + 29% of the amount over R300 000


The tax tables applicable to individuals have been revised (see below), however the maximum tax rate remains unchanged at 40%.

The primary tax rebate has been increased to R7 740 (2007 : R7 200), while the additional rebate applicable to persons over 65 has increased to R4 680.

These changes have resulted in the annual threshold below which no tax is payable, being increased to R43 000 (2007 : R40 000) for persons under 65 and R69 000 (2007 : R65 000) for persons over 65.

The monetary caps for tax-free medical scheme contributions has been increased from R500 to R530 for each of the first two beneficiaries and from R300 to R320 for each additional beneficiary.

Retirement Fund Tax will be abolished from 1 March 2007.

The interest exemption has been increased to R18 000 (2007 : R16 500) for persons under 65 and R26 000 (2007 : R24 500) for persons over 65. The foreign interest and dividends threshold has increased from R2500 to R3000pa.

The private/business split with regard to travel allowances has remained unchanged, with the first 18000km still being classified as private in the absence of a logbook.



With effect from 1 October 2007, the gains on the sale of any equities which were held for longer than 3 years will be classified as capital gains.

The annual capital gains exclusion for individuals has increased to R15 000 (previously R12 500)

The primary residence exclusion for individuals has remained unchanged at R1 500 000.

The capital gain exclusion on death has increased to R120 000 (previously R60 000)


Donations up to R100 000 per annum are free of donations tax (previously R50 000). Donations tax will be levied at 20% thereafter.


Trevor Manuel proposed that the first R3 500 000 (previously R2 500 000) of a persons estate is free of estate duty. Estate duty will be levied at 20% thereafter.



0 – 112 500 18% of each R1
112 501 – 180 000 R20 250 + 25% of the amount over R112 500
180 001 – 250 000 R37 125 + 30% of the amount over R180 000
250 001 – 350 000 R58 125 + 35% of the amount over R250 000
350 001 – 450 000 R93 125 + 38% of the amount over R350 000
450 001 and above R131 125 + 40% of the amount over R450 000


0 – 100 000 18% of each R1
100 001 – 160 000 R18 000 + 25% of the amount over R100 000
160 001 – 220 000 R33 000 + 30% of the amount over R160 000
220 001 – 300 000 R51 000 + 35% of the amount over R220 000
300 001 – 400 000 R79 000 + 38% of the amount over R300 000
400 001 and above R117 000 + 40% of the amount over R400 000

Born in Kensington, Cape Town on the 31st January 1956, Trevor Andrew Manuel is currently South Africa's Minister of Finance. Currently running in his 11th year as Minister, he is one of South Africa's most well respected polititians.


Anonymous said...

Very useful summary. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yes I think Trevor outdid himself

Quintin said...

Thanks man, Trevor for President

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Trevor Manuel is one of the few politicians South Africa has left to make us proud.

Now we just have to wait and see if the rest of the government will spend the money on responsible things, rather than flowers for wives...

Anonymous said...

Thank you !!!!

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