Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Homeloan Tips and Tricks

The Bond Originators - Did you know?

  • Up to 49 people can share one home loan.
  • You cannot purchase property if you are under 21. Bummer!
  • A bank will assist you with the money for your Attorney fees - On Top of a Home Loan.
  • If you cannot afford a home loan on your own, you can share with friends, family or even get someone to stand surety for you.
  • You should only use 25% of your gross salary towards a home loan. If interest rates rise - AND THEY ARE BOUND TO - you want to be covered.
  • A Bond Originator will help you get what you deserve - its hassle free!
  • DO NOT PAY A BOND ORIGINATOR - the banks will.
  • Make sure you check your offer to purchase carefully - better still get a legal buddy to help.
  • Increase your monthly bond installments slightly, even R50 a month more will drop you bond repayments incredibly over 20 years. Speak to any bond originator or mortgage origination company and they'll tell you. Actually most mortgage origination sites will have bond repayment calculators that will show you how much you'll save every month. Check
  • Pay lump sums and bonuses into your bond. The quicker that mortgage loan rate comes down the better for you. Plus which other account do you know that will pay you an interest rate of 12.5%
  • Don’t lower your home loan repayments when rates drop. Keep it up. Make this your monthly "stowe" away for any extra money that you may have. This is recommended by all the top bond originators.
  • Email THE MAGE for questions!!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it OK to have 5 people have a loan and one has 10% the other 15% etc or must you remain equal shareholders in the bond. I dont want the expense of having a company...Jeff the Curious

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff NO unless you have an outside agreement. This way you all own together ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL...Lone Ranger

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Genny Stutesman said...

Bond originators can be a good friend to lenders because he/she can assist you with mortgage needs. As long as you follow the agreements and pay the loans on time, your partnership with them won't be tarnished.