Monday, 19 February 2007

Magical Blogger...

Well, it's been almost a full week now and I'm loving this BLOGGING. As you may have seen Chris "The Mage" has done his introdution letter. Rosetta "The Mystic", Storm "The Pixie" and Patsy "The Sorceress" will all be posting pretty soon. Please give them sometime, they're still a little "Blog Shy" ;-).

As you can see we've decided to go with the Wizard/Magical feel to our BLOG as we believe that mortgage is MAGIC! It's an aspect of everyone's lives and if done properly and good advice has been given, it can be a better investment than any you'll find.

It's LOW risk, with great returns. Trust me, if you're scared of homeloans and the word "bond" makes you quiver, let us know we'll put your mind at ease. Come people lets POST I need some hits :)

WizardMan Out!

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