Monday, 12 March 2007

The Adventures of Rick and Jimbo (Chapter 2)

So Jimbo, how was your weekend?

Great Rick, we had some rain the other nite and the bush is looking really good!!!

Now Jimbo, I seem to remember you playing quite a lot of golf when you lived in the city, don't you miss it anymore?

Hey Rick, I've left the city, not the Planet. There's this amazing club, it's called Drakensig Club, which is only about 2Km from Hoedspruit. Not only do they have an amazing floodlit driving range, so I can really keep up with the game, which reminds me Rick, what's your handicap, apart from your wife?

Funny ha-ha Jimbo, it's actually 7 funny man, what's yours???

Well Rick, after all these years of playing golf, it's unfortunately still a "FORE"!

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