Thursday, 1 March 2007

The Adventures of Rick and Jimbo (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

Living in the Bush vs. living in the City!

Hey Jimbo, how’s things?

Hey Rick, you mean how’s things since I bought that amazing place in the Bush?

Yeah, you’ talked about it for so long, now you’ve eventually done it, but tell me Jimbo, isn’t there anything that you really miss about the city?

Absolutely, the traffic for one thing, I just cant get used to the amount of Impala and Warthog on the roads here, no taxi’s, just hoggs!!

Yeah Right, sure, but tell me what if I wanted to buy a House in the Bush, but didn’t necessarily want to move in for a while?

Well Rick, that’s where the Investment opportunity side of things comes in to play, buy your house, rent it out for as long as you want to, move in when you are ready, you’ve made some money, your investment has grown - it’s a win-win situation……

Sounds great Jimbo, tell me more…………………..

Tune in next week for chapter 2 of the adventures of Rick and Jimbo!

If you're looking for some good "BUSH", "TRAVEL", "SOUTH AFRICAN WILD WEST" sites I'd suggest:
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Listen Rick and Jumbo Wait until you see my office

Its 1 Hectare of bush with a view to kill of the escarpment. I have game on my doorstep so I know what you mean......TAKKIES innie BOS