Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Online property listing site specialists

A great little website I came across the other day called Myroof.co.za. They are a property listings company, not an estate agency, kinda like Private Property. They currently deal only in the Pretoria area.

Due to the fact that they're 100% online property site, and all their business is one via SMS and Email it makes it virtually impossible for estate agents to compete with their pricing structures i.e. you don't pay those exorbitant commission charges.


  1. Myroof's process package includes; property evaluations, electrical certificates and change of ownership
  2. MyRoof advertise your property their database of buyers via email.
  3. MyRoof randomly rotate your property to the front page of our website under a featured property section.
  4. MyRoof informs all of their buyers should you plan to show your house.
  5. The MyRoof team will help you set up and sign a contract and guide you through the rest of the selling process to make this as smooth as possible.


  1. Myroof keep you updated on new properties listed on their site (myroof.co.za) via email to ensure you’re always up to date using our My Alerts section
  2. Myroof make it easy for you to keep track of and rate properties you’re interested in. They have a appointments and email reminders feature to make sure you’re on time for viewings.
  3. After viewing a property you can add pro’s and con’s to each property on the My Favourites section, making it easy for you to compare properties you’re interested in.
  4. The MyRoof team will assist you through the whole process of acquiring a property, from helping you find it, to making an offer, getting a bond and transfer of the property

This is an exciting site and they have great potential. So if you're looking to list your property online and you can't afford the astronomical estate agent costs, call MYRoof.co.za

WizardMan Out!


Anonymous said...

I want to able to sell a property to any prospective buyer
How can I find a loan for someone?

Anonymous said...

Please beware, this site is completely fraudulent. Many people are on to their illegal activities, and i am amazed they have not been blocked from doing business yet. DO NOT believe anything that is on this site. Myroof is playing a dangerous game. Fraud is a criminal activity.