Monday, 26 March 2007

Top 5 ways on how to make that agent earn their commission

  • Do no try to please or befriend an estate agent

  • Beware the "Big Lie". An agent will often inflate the price they say they can sell the property for to get the business
  • Interview several estate agents and make sure they know you are doing so

  • Sign nothing before thinking carefully and getting independant advice

  • Remember, the estate agents commission is huge, make them earn it.

  • That's it!
    Happy Buying!


    Anonymous said...

    Why do Agents bug you so much when they know you have signed a deal and have 30 days to get your loan but they phone you 100's of times a day - to pressurise you for the loan???? Are they just plain bulldogs

    Anonymous said...

    Recently we were charged as a buyer for commission lost by an estate agent for money that the seller was supposed to pay, because we could not get the loan. What a problem and we have legal issues running now. Any ideas?? Michael Foteos

    WizardMan said...

    There is a clause in the offer to purchase that protects the buyer that makes the offer to purchase null and void if not approved within the given time.
    If you like you can send me your offer to purchase.