Tuesday, 3 April 2007

The Adventures of Rick and Jimbo (Chapter 4)

So Jimbo, now that you have purchased your Stand on Raptors View Wildlife Estate, when are you planning to build your house?

Well Rick, my Architect Robin, from Intersect Architects(+27 82 804 9787), has come up with quite an amazing layout for our house, we’re just finalizing the finer details now.

Great, but stuck out in the middle of nowhere, who the heck are you going to get to build it for you?

As I mentioned before Rick, we’re not in the middle of nowhere, and anyway, there’s this guy by the name of Peter from Houze-It Construction(+27 83 276 3199), who builds amazing homes at affordable prices, he is providing me with a quote for the house next week.

Cool Jimbo, but is there anyone who controls the quality and building standards of the houses that are built on Raptors View?

Absolutely Rick, there is this guy who actually used to be a Constable and is extremely able at carrying out this task...

Oh okay, what’s his name Jimbo?

Do the math Rick, do the math...

Compliments of Jordan Properties
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