Monday, 7 May 2007

Architects and interior designers!

Six months down the line, I still don't have a flipping architect or an interior designer to take an interest in my home revamp project, why…? Well, seen as nobody wants to help and it's "property" related I'm going to BLOG it, TONIGHT!!!!!

I've mailed, i've emailed, phoned, skyped and left messages for various architects and designers but to no avail. Every amazing design I see in magazines, whose work I absolutely love, seems to have an architect who only deals in projects that are over R3 million or otherwise they're "too busy" to work with home alterations or they just don’t respond at all.

Has the South African property market BOOMED to such an extreme that there's too much work for architects? PEOPLE COME ON, STUDY ARCHITECTURE DAMMIT, and if you have a kid whose undecisive about what he wants to study, let him read this BLOG!

Interior designers seem to have the same problem, they keep postponing… what is going on in this industry. My home, needs to have a very experienced architect to assist with renovation plans (I don’t want to work with someone who has too little experience), surely there are many good architects looking for work, where are they, where are you?????

If anybody knows of any good architects please reply to this post!

WizardMan's Mother!

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