Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Confucious Says: Immovable Who?

Confucious says "War doesn't determine who's right. War determines who's left."

Well here's part two! I know they're a little technical but hopefully by the end of my "EDUCATIONAL SERIES" you'll have no problem understanding these!

Who would've thought that something as easy as "immovable property" had a definition the size of half a wikipedia.

Immovable Property

Land and every real right in land or minerals (other than any right under a bond) which is registrable in any office in the republic user for the registration of title to land or the right to mine (AEA), 'Immovable Property' includes:

  • Any unit as defined in Section 1 of the Section Titles Act of 1971 and any proposed unit;

  • Any right to claim transfer of immovable property;

  • Any undivided share in immovable property;

  • Any interest in immovable property, other than a right or interest registered or capable of being registered under the Mining Titles Registration Act of 1967;

  • Any share in a private company referred to in the Companies Act of 1973 the whole or major portion of which consists of immovable property;

  • Any share in a share block company as defined in Section 1 of the Share Blocks Control Act of 1980, and any proposed share;

  • An interest of a member of a close corporation, of which the assets consist wholly or mainly of immovable property.


Christopher said...

I am not at a point where I need to look at buying a house just yet, but I reckon if I start reading your blog now, by the time I am ready, I will have ALL the knowledge I need!

Thanks for a resourceful and useful website!

Chris M

The Good Woman said...

Great website - of course I'm in SCotland and already have my house in the Cape but I'll keep reading just to get your spin on things.

Great info, great advice, great resource.