Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Minister of Housing???... Lindiwe Sisulu

Lindiwe Sisulu is our LADY! She is responsible for those R30 millions mansions and the township pandokkies...

Lindiwe is the Minister of high-end and low-end property and she wants the developers to continue to thrive so that they can continue with their work. More importantly it will assist her with the enormous backlog that the government has in providing the lower end housing for the masses in South Africa.

Her biggest issue at the moment is a new government objective (and hopefully an incentive as well) that compels all developers to include a 20 percent lower income housing component in their new developments.

She is definitely looking for a win win situation all round. This lady is a go getter and someone who's going to be making a difference in this country.

If you look at the St. Francis Bay example (if this had been in place then), there would not have been a sprawling shanty town but instead a proper housing environment for the workers in the area. THIS LADY MAKES BIG SENSE!!!

People without formal housing cannot be 'out of sight, out of mind'. Banks are granting bonds to those that earn R3000 a month, so if you can afford to pay that salary, then you will be assisting that person in getting the financing that they need. You could even arrange to pay a portion of that persons salary directly into their bond account to help cover their home-loan payments and in doing so, writing this of as a taxable expense... Some food or thought!


Did you know that Lindiwe's dad, Walter Sisulu, was the first black estate agent in South Africa. Before the second world war, after studying at night school, he went to business and setup a small real estate agency that helped black people buy and sell property before the apartheid government limited those rights. So she is defiantly sitting in the right place and hopefully 'filling the shoes of her late great dad'.


Anonymous said...

And just when you thought that she had a solution to the problem out pops the governments new major screw-up “National Credit Act” and don’t forget the latest plan Mr. Alec Irwin has a law against electrical appliances (because they forgot to build power station)
Yes just when everyone thought this is really the country of milk and honey the ANC makes a law to stop you from having fun or rather put it this way when they (The ANC) screw-up they will make a law to either hide it or to try and fix it

Anonymous said...

Dear Lindiwe

I was reading your article about the good work that you were doing regarding housing for those in the R3000-00 pm bracket, however it would seen that we in the +- R10000-00pm salary bracket are never or will never be able to own our own house. I live in the Suburb of Fish Hoek and Pay a rental of R4000-00pm and we find that the banks will not grant a loan on the amount of salary my husband earns per month. For the last 25 years I have had to rent properties and when the rentals increase we find that we and many others like myself have to find cheaper accommodation to rent. My point is why is it that we in the salary bracket of R4000-00 to R10000-00pm are not afforded the opportunity to be able to purchase our own houses, we too would like to own our own homes instead of putting hard earned money into the pockets of Estate Agents and Landlords. Surley if we are able to pay more than R3000-00pm on rent we should be afforded to obtain low cost housing in our area, there is ample vacant land available in our area. Please would you consider my request and email me back with your resonse if at all possible im quite prepared to meet with you or a representative of housing development.

Yours sincerely