Tuesday, 22 May 2007

When I grow up I want to be a bond originator...

Hello all you fellow bloggers and property GEEKS ;-)... I'm back and I'm pleased to announce that I've managed to get rid of Telkom or is it Hellkom I can't remember!

As promised though, we have our first featured article. WOOHOO! This article comes from a lady who wishes to stay anonymous, purely because she's a little shy and she's a new staff member of The Wizard Midrand Team. None the less, it's a brave start and the beginning of her new adventures as Anonymous "The Fairy" of the Wizard Team.

When I grow up I want to be a bond originator...

When I was just a wee little girl I had big aspirations of first becoming a doctor (until I realized how squeamish I was), then a veterinary doctor (also impossible – see note on doctor). I then went on a school day trip to the local fire station and decided that I wanted to be a firefighter. I was told by my father at the time “over my dead body”!

Enter high school, and I wondered aimlessly between classes of Economics and Accounting, Cooking and Geography (are you getting the idea of my lack of indecision?)

Having matriculated I literally fell into the finance world, having recognizing my talent and interest in it. I have worked in many fields from distribution, manufacture, entertainment and IT.

And suddenly today I find myself in the wonderful, pragmatic, inspiring and challenging industry of Bond Origination.

Knowing absolutely nothing about property (Yes we hire everyone ;-)), it has been a learning curve of note. This is a fast moving, high speed industry, with everyone working at frantic paces! But at the end of the day – there is nothing more satisfying than receiving those two golden words from the bank – BOND GRANTED!

Thanks Anonymous...Looking forward to your next post!

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