Wednesday, 20 June 2007


Interesting times and interesting actions in the property market.

Has everyone been sucked up in the PANIC by the National Credit Act (NCA)!

Is the NCA a KILLER TORNADO....TA DA!!!!!!!

Actually guys and girls this is a great thing for us and if we don not panic we will start seeing great results....AND HOPEFULLY THIS LEADS TO A RATE REDUCTION (DO YOU HEAR UNCLE TITO!!!)

What was 5 days to getting a home loan granted, is now a bit longer, about 7 to 10 working days...Whats great about it all is that we see for the first time...

1. Folks looking carefully and what they spend their money

2. Folks saying..maybe I should manage my money better (Do some consolidation) - If you want help here call me.

3. The banks getting to actually offer you something substantial that will NOT put you at risk when interest rates jump.

4. Folks buying for themselves versus buying for investment - it looks like we will see a lot more fractional ownership deals happening - If you want info email me. Remember financing here is trickier but oh so do -able.

5. If we adhere to the NCA, curb our lust (For spending of course), work towards slowing inflation down and getting investors in, then Uncle Mboweni must listen and hear the cry of the fish eagle!!!!

The storm will burst when we understand that the NCA (National Credit Act) is no monster...its a cool tool so use it to your advantage.


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