Thursday, 14 June 2007

FINBOND - Listing on ALT-X - Lets Print DA MONEY

Well I just received this amazing call from one of my sources - who whispered into my ear that FINBOND are listing on the ALTX today or tommorrow - Its not on the board yet so it must be tommorrow. Well see.

Well who the heck are these guys and why a listing - whose going to make BIG BUCKS here!!!!!!!

Well from what we have been told - here they are listing as one of the main players in Mortgage Origination and guess what - No direct bank contracts and working as an aggregator through one the actual real big players Bondchoice.

I also understand that they have bought three other players in the market Dimension Homeloans, Bond Master and IBO. Well how about that...where does that leave the other players in the cog? We dare ask.

So now I think if you feel that you are a share market is your chance?

Go see the prospectus and make up your mind for yourself.

well me........I like to know that there is a bank link and backup before I chuck my bucks into the melting pot.

I really thought the mortgage origination business was I need to buy shares to finance my lifestyle...mmmmmmmmmm! But hey that's my opinion.

Lots of luck boyz and girlz

Sorceress from the heart


Anonymous said...

IS this not the same Fin Bond or Finbond group, whichever it is that was caught a couple of years ago, charging people for bond origination services?

If you ask me, I'd run a mile!


Anonymous said...

Yes I had heard the same story quite scary however they say the leopards change their spots regularly ha ha

Anonymous said...

We dont know much about the other companies who are part of this and also we are concerned that they do not have a direct bank contract. How can we find out.

"The Sorceress" from the heart said...

I think you should go to their websites and Not to sure on IBO website and ask them directly

That way you can see the"WHITES OF THEIR EYES" while you ask these squirmy questions

Your Sorceress from the heart