Thursday, 7 June 2007

TOP 5 Most useful online real estate sites

So, if you've been reading my BLOG, you'd know that I was in Cape Town over the last couple of days and yesterday, being an incredibly rainy day in what I thought was the most beautiful city in the world "HELL NO WE WON'T GO", I managed to slot in some time and surf the NET.

Here's some cool reading and tips for those of you who are online property and real estate professionals. WizardMan's TOP 5 most useful online real estate sites sites in S.A. It'll probably change next month, but what the hell, it'll give me another topic to write about! So for now, this is my TOP 5. Any new additions or sites that you may think are awesome, please add them to the comments section.

Number 1 on my TOP 5 real estate sites list this month is:
RSS Pieces (ok, sorry I know I said it would be S.A's top sites but this site is worth it). A great site, that teaches you how to BLOG for real estate, what topics to write about and if you're running short of idea's, IT'S DA BOMB!

Number 2 on my TOP 5 real estate sites list is:
If you're looking to do a property search then GRAVITY is your site. A great new initiative by a South African company.

TOP 5 real estate - NUMBER 3:
Well I'm afraid that with all this HOOHA about the new credit act we couldn't leave out the good old National Credit Act regulators. It's a good resource and if there's anything you need to know about the new credit regulations, this is the site to visit.

Number 4 or is it 24!
Property 24. They've got up-to-date news (most of the time) and well it's good all round, news and financial portal. Thanks Naspers or is it Media 24!

Finally Number 5...
Where would property in South Africa be without Private Property. Love these guys. Love what they do and how they work. We need more companies like this in South Africa that can help the lower income sellers sell their properties without having to pay those huge commissions!

So that's it for TODAY! TOP 4 most useful online real estate sites with WizardMan's Number 1 resource site included ;-)

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