Friday, 20 July 2007


I have to laugh, the phone calls from the kiddos on the block to entice us pure mortals (bond originators) who work our butts off to make this industry great as it should getting fast and furious!

Be careful guys! WHOSE PLAYING YOUR TUNE!!

The folks who want a bigger marketshare, without having to work for it are after your slice of the business in the bond origination market...with offers to die for. I already feel like Victor Matfield except my offers are a bit more local but I still feel like a hooker in the scrum(You know what I mean)

Rumour Mongers are trying to JIVE US ALL SO WATCH OUT!!! If the rumours were true I would be standing on the street corner with a new sign:

No Money, No wife, No Bond Origination Work, No NCA assistance. Grass is Greener on the Other Side No Alliance or Mortgage Works available HELP!!

Well Stuff the Bull! July figures are on target, business is great and Mr and Mrs offers of greatness - Go Get A Job - I've got mine!!!!!

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