Thursday, 19 July 2007


SO where to now! I love this property business and I know there has to be a new way of doing old things. The NCA has me slowing my pace down, but I KNOW I WANT MORE, but I'm being limited. My risk is up there somewhere, I have the bucks and am earning well and will continue to do so, so how do i buy more property. Where do I buy and what is going to give me a decent return on my investment. TIME TO PUT ON YOUR THINKING CAP!

Traditionally, we bought, we fixed and we built - and we were the proud owners of our own little nest!

BUT, we carried the costs, the expense, the risk ALL OF IT!!!

Time has come for us to share the load and their are some very cool ways of doing it;

Investment Clubs
Fractional Ownership
Share Block (Uhmmm heard of this many times)

Hell man! there are many ways to go ahead and once again start having property fun. All we need to do is forget the doom and gloom keep our eyes on the pennys and.....

be different and step out of your comfort zone

SO what is it: Lets talk Investment Clubs!

Simply put, the easiest form is where a few of you agree to buy something together. Whether its for personal use, holiday, investment, turn for quick money, its irrelevant.

You share all the costs, the bond everything that way you minimize your risk to the amount of people in the club.


Create a bank account - use an attorney and their trust account; that way everyones happy. Later on you can decide where to bank. AT least this an interest bearing account managed and kept in a trustworthy place for you.

Buy an off the shelf cc or company from the SHELF COMPANY WAREHOUSE and if you are an FNB client you are entitled to a 20% discount on the fees Shelf Company Warehouse charges for purchasing a close corporation and private company. Nice!!!!!

Create a spreadsheet with an assumed investment amount i.e R 1 million, split this into the number of people you want, add your costs and add an additional 30% for additional funding over the first 24 months and use this as your invite letter. Even easier you can email THE MAGE for advice and a formula and the process for you to use.

Find a property that you believe in. This means if you had the money yourself, you would buy it and you knew you could sell it and make a fair profit. Whats fair anything between 10% and upwards. Small and humble steps can be the answer. Its not always the big bucks. Its the big catch you want and sometimes you need small bait for the big fish......pazienza!!!!

Use the same formula for each property.

Invite all your best pals, family, associates to join and 20% of the money you need in total must be each person who joins membership fee. Remember this is your seed money for deposits etc i.e R 1mill plus 30%=R1,3/*20% is R 260,000 as your seed divided by 10 members = R 26k each that's the commitment.

Make them sign a commitment form and membership form for the CC / Company and NO DEPOSIT NO DEAL...that's the rule.

When signed up apply for the bond using a solid bond originator . Get a great rate and have all 10 members sign for the bond........and lastly.........start TRADING..............................................and you call the NEW TUNE.


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