Friday, 31 August 2007

Rudco Under Investigation!


Rudco, Rudco, Rudco, oh what are you people doing! Firstly, never screw with peoples money it will always bite you in the ass! Secondly, trusting a company with what is most likely going to be your single biggest investment in life into a company that has no SOLID financial backing, SILLY!

As you may or may not have heard, RUDCO are now under investigation. Much like their predecessors FINBOND who themselves were given a good scolding years back when they decided to charge people for bond origination services, when this clearly went against all credit regulators and laws...

According to Moneyweb "On Thursday the NCR announced that it had found Rudco had contravened a number of provisions of the National Credit Act (NCA), and its predecessor, the Usury Act. One of the major contraventions of the law was Rudco's policy to accept payments for loans before they had even been granted.".

I don't want to be the one to say this, but, I TOLD YOU SO! It was inevitable! Unfortunately though, there are those people who have now found themselves in a bit of a predicament should Rudco's doors close down.

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WizardMan Out!


Anonymous said...

Free financial advice? Don't you need to be registered at the FSB for that ?

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked Wizard Home Loans were one of the biggest home loans companies in South Africa. I'm pretty sure they're registered with the FSB.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure? Please give us your FSP number Wizardman otherwise someone might just put in a complaint at

WizardMan said...

Anonymous 2 - Thanks for the kind words and backup ;-) none needed though...

Anonymous 1 & 3 I sense a little bit of annimosity?? This is a FREE for all BLOG. We give FREE advice. That's what makes this blog popular. You can take the advice if you like, or you can leave it.

We also give FREE advice about crime in this country.

We give FREE advice to married couples with problems.

HELL we give FREE advice to those who want to start up their own BLOGS.

It's a FREE country man...

Anonymous said...

Whats with all you folks

We are the guys who seem to get caught with all these great schemes etc tehn Boom down we fall and our bucks are gone

Is someone worried about something.

I agree. When there are queries and investigations etc surely you would also be very cautious

Hey guys please keep the info rolling Me and my mates want to know whats happening. If theres problems we want to know. Theres too much bull happening in this country as it is and its folks like me who feel the pain.

Free Financial advice - sounds fab to me. Im a big boy and whatever info is given to me means I have a choice to decide whether I want to use it or not. I give free advice on traffic crime etc and Im not a wake up Okes ITS A FREE COUNTRY Jan Van Staden

The Suspect said...

About swopping links.

I have been on your site a few times before, I think through Afrigator. It
would be great if we could swop links, I will add one straight away.