Monday, 8 October 2007

6 Ways to Better Manage your Household Debt

Happy Monday to all... For those of you who've been watching the rugby, I hope you all feel as terrible as I do today. I think I'm officially beginning to get old! Thank goodness this rugby thing happens once every 4 years!

Anyway, I have a great little debt management tip article to post today courtesy of Absa Home Loans Department.

6 Ways to Better Manage your Household Debt
  • Draw up a monthly budget of all income and all expenses and stick to it.
  • Speak to your creditors about alternative repayment arrangements. Most will be happy to help you.
  • Always pay your essential expenses first, like electrical and water bills etc.
  • Try to settle high-interest accounts first
  • Don't make emotional, impulsive purchases - especially not on credit.
  • Shop around for bargains and cheaper prices

WizardMan out!

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