Monday, 15 October 2007

SA Homeloans - CEO - Simon Stockley - Integer

Integer Bond Originators

After a long time away from South Africa, one of the founders on mortgage origination, the first man to bring securitisation into the home loans market and the ex CEO of SA Homeloans Simon Stockley has come back with a new product on the S.A. market - INTEGER.

What is this product and is there something new that Simon Stockley is bringing into the South African mortgage market, check out the interview on MoneyWeb with Integer's CEO, Simon Stockley.

Is it the end of SA Home Loans?

Has anybody used Integer bond originators?

2 comments: said...

Integer is a great product and our clients are extremely satisfied with their service and turnaround time.
Two thumbs up from Olemera.

Anonymous said...

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