Monday, 22 October 2007

South African Property Neighbourhood Watch - Property Blogging

VIVA THE BOKKE & FORZA FERRARI! Sorry, I've been screaming that for the last two days so I needed to post my joy online for all to see! What a weekend for sport and nerves, in fact it was so good I've woken up happy and smiling and ready for work on a Monday. Let me tell you, that doesn't happen too often! Anyways, well done John Smit and well done Kimi Raikonnen. Two new world champions crowned in one weekend...

Moving on, I've had quite a few requests from international readers to start writing posts about the suburbs in South Africa and it's surrounding regions. People say that it's the one thing that's lacking on the web and in South African sites. I did some searching on the net and it's true, if you search for suburbs and for real estate investing in South Africa there's nothing. So how are international investors meant to know what the good area's the not so good area's and the up and coming area's in South Africa are...

Think about it, if you're relocating, what questions do you ask.
Things to do while in town!
Things to consider when moving to town!
With 50% - 60% of the market that's currently buying being Internet savvy, it's an area that's missing. So I'm going to try start and trend and hopefully all you real estate and property bloggers in South Africa will help me out!

So it's going to be the start of a new series of BLOGGING articles called "South African Property Neighbourhood Watch". Stay tuned, it's going to be a thriller!

WizardMan Out!


bahl isvet said...

Recently a lot of home-owners and investors in the property market have been feeling the heat from the high interest-rates and the effects of the new (june 2007) credit act.

A lot of people are complaining about properties not selling or properties staying on the market for a very long time and then eventually selling for a lot less than the introductionry price.
What many are missing is that the lower priced proprties such as townhouses are still keeping the market alive. Just have a look at, and you will see a amazing range of lower priced properties that are still selling within a matter of weeks and no months.

It is true that the higher end of the market has slowed down tremendously but keep an eye on the townhouse (sectional title ) market.

bahl isvet said...

A lot of South African real estate sellers aren't focussing on marketing their propsepective suburbs on the internet or in the printed media, but some agents are slowely discovering the advantages of marketing their suburbs on web-search engines with the aid of google-adwords or intensive seo efforts. This will enable a client searching for property in a specific suburb to easily find listings or an agent in that area.