Monday, 14 January 2008

The Bond Originator from Hell - Part 1

7.59AM - the phone rings and the THE VOICE screams....Are you a moron!!!! I said I wanted -2% below prime, are you ...$#5#7&&* deaf. If I had dialed 911 in new York I would have got better service from you, you, you,.... useless bond originator from hell!!!!

.....and here I was just finished a delish best in the west cappuccino from TriBeca at Brooklyn Square aligning myself with this new days energies!! Boom, with a scramble I looked at the file and saw that a rate of -1.85% below prime was the deal at 100% loan to value and on vacant land. Man had I really screwed up!!!

So sucking in my ripped to shred manhood (Yes, I am a man!) I called my red faced, blood pressured client and gently told my best and most polite English (Yes, I am an English Man!) to go get knotted.

So, here's the truth manne!!!!!!!

Whatever rate you get today, you can improve on all the time as you pay your bond - just go and ask regularly at your branch for a better rate. (Even if the bank does not value your relationship, you can value theirs!!)

The bigger your investment out of your pocket, the better your rate. (You see size does count!)

If you use your bond as a current account, then you actually dont want a great rate??????????????? UHM?

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