Friday, 18 January 2008

Pretoria Real Estate - Property in Pretoria Sucks!

PretoriaApartment living. It's all over! It's been around for years and that's where real estate and property world is going and has been for the last 300 years! Over the last 2 years I've travelled from New York to Toronto, from Hamburg to London and from the South of France to Rome and condos and apartments are the way of living.

Pretoria on the other hand, the capital of South Africa and the most beautiful city in South Africa are on a par with India as far as I'm concerned and it's really starting to grate my cheese...

We have 3 universities in Pretoria. It's a student town and there are loads of young people living here. Yet, we insist on building face brick houses in security complexes. PEOPLE, DEVELOPERS IN SOUTH AFRICA AND PRETORIA:
Face brick security complexes selling for R800 000.00 is not going to satisfy the young entrepeneurs or the students in this city!!! When will you realise this...

My goal this year is to build awareness in the Property market in South Africa and we're going to start with Real Estate in Pretoria because it's my home town.

We need apartments, nice, fully equipped modern apartments for single youngsters and young couples. Surely we can build nice apartments and sell them for under R800 000.00 an apartment.

I can tell you now, from working in the home loans industry for close to a year now that the average Pretorian looking for comfortable living and looking to get into the property market cannot afford more than R650 000.00 bond with our current interest rates being 14.5%. This is what's missing here right now!!

So to all you developers in Pretoria I'm telling YOU! THIS IS WHERE THE MONEY IS!!!

Drop the face brick, drop the simplex living with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and absorb the way of the FUTURE!!!


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