Friday, 1 February 2008


Excellent News - Interest Rates stay the same at 14.5% - well done Uncle Tito - I think you just saved the bacon of Thabo and the current ATeam with their current series of woes.
Ok so now is the time to take charge folks. Lets start clearing those bad debts - get some help now and take charge. - email the Debt Doctor
Also - remember the tips we mentioned re putting your salary into your bond access facility account - well start now - its the real deal.
I must say, politically that was the right move. Also it will hopefully stop the bleed and put some people confidence back into the Government.
Luv you Lots Tito!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey its about time they put things on hold. TiTo found a good excuse that wouldn't make him look silly to put an end to the rise. They have increased and increase and did not wait for it to hit the consumers pockect. Tito allows all these people into the market to buy property with a lovely interest rate and then decide's they spending to much pushes it up and up then realize's oh @#$%. Guys I think at the next meeting we see a drop in the repo rate say -50 points what you think MAGE

WizardMan said...

I must admit. I personally thought that after the U.S. dropped their REPO rate by -0.75% I thought Tito would make a brave bold step and follow suit. But I'm not compaining with interest rates staying as is. Lets see maybe you're right, 50 basis points could be good. Mage? You think the next one will be a drop?

Chris "The MAGE" said...

Actually YES I do. The Mage