Monday, 3 March 2008

Mortgage Southern African Convention - 12 & 13 March 2008

To my readers, I apologise for this article and the atrocious content for I, MOVED HOUSE THIS WEEKEND. Now let me tell you something, anyone who says it's fun, try it again, maybe you were one of the lucky few!

My head is thumping, my legs are aching and my eyes are burning from the dust that's still settling in the house! My bed is currently on the floor in my lounge and I have no furniture.

moving on ...

So, what's this Southern African mortgage convention that everyones taking about. Well, it's going to be a blast. It's the first of it's kind and the guest speaker lineup is incredible. It's must for property specialists and bond originators in South Africa... It's is a 2 day conference in Johannesburg aimed at the following:
    Objective 1: To give delegates the opportunity to debate issues which can possibly influence the mortgage industry in South Africa
    Objective 2: To assist in educating delegates on global trends in the mortgage and broadly the property industry
    Objective 3: To highlight and seek solutions or challenges facing mortgage finance
    Objective 4: To explore issues that are restricting mortgage companies to work effectively and profitable in delivering better services to customers
    Objective 5: Provide market insight for ensuring sustainability in the mortgage industry

Guest speakers and presentations include:

John Loos - Property Specialist, First National Bank
Piet De Jongh - Managing Director, Loanlink
Nomonde Mapetla - CEO, Estate Agencies Affairs Board
Sean O'Sullivan - Head of Sales, First National Bank
Alex Bosch - Excutive Director, Timeshare institute of Southern Africa
Thys Geyser - Chairman, South African Association of Fractional Intermediaries
Shelley Mackay -Davidson - Senior Associate, Edward Nathan Sonnenberg
Pieter Niehaus - Associate, Deneys Reitz
Roland Lange - Aspire Financial Services
Henry Greyling - SEO, Seef International Gold and Leisure
Pat Lamont - Divisional Manager, Nedbank Sales
Jack Trevena - Managing Director, Bondexcel
Christpoher Santhose - Director, Key Mortgage Bonds
Rich Moss - MAnaging Director, Comcorp
Lauren Hall - Managing Director, Seven Habits Property Showcase
Charles Kalmesh - Manager, ABSA Affordable Housing
Brian Mahlangu - Managing Editor, Soweto Homes and Property
George Findlay - Legal Advisor, Korbitec
Christopher Malan - Senior Manager, Financial Intelligence Centre

12 & 13 March 2008
Indaba Hotel, Fourways, Johannesburg.
Registration fee per delegate: R 4,766.00 + VAT = R 5,433.24

For those of you who are interested in this event please visit TCI SA -


mak said...
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Mortgage Guy said...

How did it go ?

WHat is the best way to get brought up to speed on who in in the market and looking for talent ?

WizardMan said...


Went very well thank you :)
Talent in terms of?
What are you actually looking for?