Tuesday, 4 March 2008



Whats Hot

Whats Hot

Whats Hot

Whats Hot


Properties in Possession - PIP - It sounds callous, but you can pick up great deals now...

Overseas investments - Buy a fractional share on an island- sounds crazy but for R 200K get a month in Mautitius!!!!!!!

Be a Bull or a Bear!!! Stocks has to be part of your portfolio

Buy to Rent - Only do this if your bond ends up less than your rental income plus the levy -else you're being a schmuck

Be a giver (2% of the world) not a taker (98% of the world) - figure this out for yourself.

Deal with folks who are part of the top500 companies - they must be doing something right.

Keep the credit card that gives you the best rewards and the least costs.

Use AMEX - not everyone takes them, they have great rewards, costs are good and you pay for what you use. Great deal.

Become a discount junkie! You don't ask. Guess what - you don't get. MMMMMMMMM!!

Think like a Yiddishe businessman - Learn from the masters.

Buy sports goods out of season.

Pay your debts early.

Better still, get rid of your debts, one by one, boy this WILL GIVE YOU FREEDOM.

Use Standard banks First time buyers special - save serious bucks!!!!

Have a piggy bank!! Pay your cell phone with it.

Spend every spare moment with your loved ones - THE BEST INVESTMENT EVERY

Be Romantic you fool!!!


mak said...
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Sudipta Das said...

Hey, my credit score is around 530 and my husbands is around 630. I have charge offs from 2005 which will be on my credit report until 2012. We both have good jobs and bring home around 7000 together each month. We also have around 30,000 saved up for a down payment. Since our income is decent, and we have a down payment (more than 10%) is it likely we will be able to find a home loan for a new home?

Sudipta das
Federal Business Grants

WizardMan said...

Here's the trick...

When it comes to bad credit records and poor payment profiles it's always a good idea to make sure that you're got payment plans and future payment plans in place for those old judgements and defaults you may have. also if you've paid them off and you have proof of this, then you should be A for AWAY!!!!

trick is, have a good motivation and lots of documentation and proof to go with it.