Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Well you know how good this feels RIGHT.

So do the same with your property. Whether you buy from a great agent, or a so-so agent, make sure you ask the right things, give the right brief and enjoy; as this is your biggest investment. So buy today because in 10 years time its going to be a lot more expensive.

Get great advice and use a great mortgage originator. they will give you sound advise and work very hard to get you your best deal. You can even get financing in Botswana, Mocambique and Zambia from your South African bank. email your mortgage man today.

Same as attorneys, use one who gives you great advice, they are there and will steer you in the right direction. There are those special attorneys who will give you free advice before you even start.

If you need to finance those costs, get a personal loan and short-term at that. There are ways to make the property deals happen all you need to do is ask the professionals.

How can we help you feel like you are falling in love again?

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