Friday, 4 July 2008

SA Property BLOG reforms.

BLOGGING is such a funny thing. We've been going for just over a year now and if there's one thing I don't get is alot of criticism. Now the bad thing about not getting criticism is that you tend to think that you're doing everything correctly.

Well I received some criticism a week ago from a very big client of ours, and frankly after I was told that my Property BLOG was only portraying bad news, I was rather offended, BUT IT'S SO TRUE!!! With all the negativity and bad news that I've been reading of late, I've forgotten the true purpose of this BLOG. To educate people purchasing homes, to assist those looking for property finance and to give an all over GOOD and HAPPY feeling to everyone, because home financing and buying property is your biggest asset you'll ever have.

With so many people having credit issues, we're going to posting alot more tips on how and where to save money. Tips on using your home loan to your advantage. Tips on getting your loans approved with the banks...

So stick around people, this South African Property BLOG is about to get exciting!!!

Thanks to all those who've stuck around and thanks to those who've just joined us.

WizardMan Out!

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Garagen said...

i am looking forward to your tips.