Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Standard Bank Ends Stanrands Program

I know alot of estate agents out there loved the Stanrands program that offered a nice rewards program for business done through Standard Bank, but in light of the current economic situation and changes in Standard Bank Home Loans lending policies they have decided to withdraw this program until further notice.

See the letter from Standard Bank Below:

We are all feeling the affects of a slowing market, and are having to adjust our organizations and offerings accordingly.

In light of these tougher economic times, Standard Bank Home Loans has taken a decision to shutdown the earning of StanRands, as a blanket rewards programme, for the time being.

This means that as of July 31, 2008 estate agents and principals will no longer be able to earn StanRands for business registered with Standard Bank. This means that claims can be made for bonds that registered before July 31, 2008 in terms of the current rules.

StanRand members will, however, be able to redeem StanRands, onto their StanRands Gift cards, until December 15, 2008 with our Call Centre until that date.

Once the StanRands have been credited to the card the value will be available until the card expires. StanRands packages currently in place will be honoured

As in the past Standard Bank initiated campaigns will continue to run for particular geographic regions and agency/development groupings. Consequently, please hold on to your StanRands Gift Card, as the opportunity to earn further StanRands will be available through these campaigns.

Please could you assist us in ensuring that all StanRand members are made aware of these impending changes.

WizardMan Out!

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