Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Why Should You Buy Now?

Yes, call me mad but NOW IS THE TIME to buy property. High inflation and high interest rates have ensured two things:

  • If you buy now you will be building wealth – the value of houses tend to double every 10 years so now is a good time to get into the market. There is a lot of stock to choose from and the prices are highly negotiable ensuring the best prices. Check out http://www.myroof.co.za/ - Cut your agent costs and fees TODAY!
  • Paying your own bond and not paying rent enables you to gain access to the wealth: in profits, when you sell the property or equity on the value for improvements. This can be used towards education or even buying a second home.

  • You will also have a measure of freedom that comes from owning your own home. You can decorate as you want, add on and benefit from the enjoyment of the improvement and the growth in value of your investment.

Also you can be building equity by paying your mortgage off sooner; this can be done by paying more than the minimum instalment each month like a ready made savings plan, allowing you to pay off more capital and save thousands in interest.

I will reassure you of the steady and growing demand of buyers is SA. The growing amount of people who are keen and financially able to buy their own homes are growing thanks to broad-based black economic empowerment so there will be a continued demand to sustain the value growth that builds wealth over the next few years.

“The Mystic”
rosettap @ wizard .za .com

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