Sunday, 10 August 2008

If It's All About Credit - Clear Your Credit Record!

It's ALL about credit!

It's ALL about credit!

It's ALL about credit!

We know this, so why aren't we doing anything about it?
Why are the number of declines with regards to submissions for credit applications increasing every month? WE DON'T LOOK AFTER OUR CREDIT PROFILES!

Times are a little rough and with the Credit Act taking total control of any credit applications, whether it be home loans, credit cards or vehicle finance, financial institutions are having to abide by their rules. So people, lets get with the program and abide by the rules! There's nothing worse than finding the house of your dreams only to find out that you can't get a home loan because you haven't bothered making a little bit of an effort.

So what you need to do to ensure FINANCIAL SUCCESS?

  1. Check Your Credit Record - Click here for your ITC & Experian credit check
  2. Check for judgments & credit listings
  3. Contact the companies/people who have listed you and arrange to remove them
    1. Often listings are old because the bureaus just forget to remove you
    2. Often listings are old because the companies you listed you haven't bothered contacting the bureaus to have to removed
  4. If you pay off outstanding debts, make sure you keep proof of payment (this will be required by financial institutions from time to time
It's easy and it really doesn't take much time.

Things to remember which will assist you in keeping track of your credit records. The banks have systems that link into the bureaus which show you credit profiles for clients. Credit profiles allow the bureaus to link into all financial institutions that offer credit eg Edgars Accounts or Credit Cards;
  • Don't pay your accounts late
  • Don't miss payments
  • Don't let debit orders go off your accounts without having funds available
Well that's that for now and I hope this helps you all. Truth is you want a clean credit profile and so do we :)

Keeping SA Credit Clean!!!


Brazil property said...

Nice post about the credits. You are right that it's important to remove yourself from the listing and never late your bill. These are plus points.

Where the property matters, financial institutions takes very much care as the increased rates of bad credits and foreclosure world wide.

Anonymous said...

The secret I believe is to check your accounts, read your bills and bank statements everyday Dont get caught if you do Your the fool and need to wrok really hard to sort this out

WizardMan said...

Hi Brazil Property...

You are so correct. It's an escalating crisis worldwide but if we can nip it in the bud early and assist people before it's too late, I think that's the key.


Thanks for your reply as well. I couldn't agree with you more. If you watch your accounts and monitor your statements everyday, you'll be a for away.

That's why we have internet banking?? It makes monitoring accounts so easy.

RV Dealer said...

yeah, keep your credit within a calculated limit.