Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Bond Originating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The doors are open, not closed, for good Mortgage originators and now is the time to look at your opportunity.

Home Loans are different and you do it all but the rewards are good for those who know how to pull finger and graft hard.

Rent is expensive, food is reasonable, petrol costs nothing and it's a hot place and ramadan is a time for reflection and sharing.

But there are some great folks out here, who love it, work hard, play hard and show respect, respect, respect.

So if you want to do mortgages get your experienced butts (and CV) to the leading mortgage broking company. ONLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT FAINT HEARTED!!!


Property in Natal said...


This post is about mortgage and there are huge knowledge about mortgage.

Bucharest property said...


There are different rate of mortgage in this time in the market,espacially in Duabi.

Anonymous said...


I think mortgage is different product to other loans so the retes of mortgage is different to others( espacially in Dubai).