Thursday, 9 October 2008

Cityscape Dubai - ROCK AND ROLL

So Cityscape 2008 has been a cracker!!

The new Nakheel Tower 1 KM high thats awesome.

All the news daily through the local papers and newsguys

Well if ever you wanted to see what the future holds for the UAE this has to be the event to see.
A pity that sales were not happening on site and were being left for later as the normal frenzy was missing a bit, however last nights after party (sorry invite only) at Mina al Salam was a frenzy on its own finishing at dawn. Well done Cityscape you guys have done a fine job.

Even with Loans being reduced to 75% of sales value and everyone panicking in the world markets, sales are solid, mortgages for serious buyers are on the go and the UAE is cool.
Lastly, if you want to invest in the UAE or Dubai contact Independent Finance to get you a pre-approval and then invest here, they love South Africans!!


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