Friday, 5 December 2008

Absa Bank - SIGH




Is that how you're feeling? Is it maybe a long tough year just drawing to a close with the only thing that you're able to muster out of your mouth that makes any sense a sigh?

Well, Let me tell you a little story that's enough to make you want to cry never mind sigh.

ABSA home loans at the moment seem to be a bank that's taking strain.

With all the current publicity going on and a number of scandals that seem to be crawling out of the woodwork, ABSA have taken a knock.....

The department that seems to have been affected the most, is ABSA Home Loans. Apparently with a new state of the art home loans system that they've put into place, ABSA don't seem to be able to assist you on the phone at the moment.

Apparently 2 weeks behind on applications, and systems so slow that the agents are saying they actually cannot work on them, what in the world is ABSA doing? I've had clients waiting 2 - 4 weeks for replies on bond applications, IS THIS ACCEPTABLE, when their turn around times are meant to be in the region of 3 working days?

ABSA, I think it's time you caught a wake up. Your competitors are steaming ahead of you right now and in these tough economic conditions that we're facing, I don't think you guys can afford to loose any good deals because of poor service levels.

Pick it up boys, pick it up quick!

WizardMan Out!


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