Thursday, 11 December 2008

Feel Good People

I don't know where this article or clipping came from, but it was sent to me via email and I want to share this with the world....

It's is a motivational writing that actually gave me goosebumps. Read it, and enjoy.

Well, 2008 has certainly given us something to think about!

I woke up this morning and said to myself, what a beautiful morning, now what am I going to do to make it better!

What really got me going was while travelling I was thinking how the future of the world was pumping in the beginning of January 2008 and we all had some serious aspirations and resolutions for the year AND suddenly everyone, everywhere is talking about the credit crunch, the burst bubble and suddenly everyone is cutting costs, staying at home for the holidays and holding off buying that property they were thinking of getting, selling their expensive cars, panic, panic, panic.!!

Well we suddenly hear of a recession in America, Europe and the global markets are taking a bombing, governments are bailing out and talking about bailouts and what are we heading for, the Credit Tsunami of all Tsunami's......................

So when I woke up this morning and saw what a beautiful day it was, I refused to panic!

Guess what? This is not the first time there's been a situation like this. Every few years we experience these kind of events. We experience very exciting and nail biting massive economic growth, everyone is on a high and the "investors" are buying whole floors of apartments to be built in the future and selling them off in a quick profit turn with numbers that makes your head spin. We all want in, now, today!! We have and share holiday homes in Mauritius, Thailand, Spain, wherever the sun shines and you can suntan! And the cars, man, enough to make your head spin.

Guess what! The positivity and pump and hype gets so ahead of itself and the world economies start to overheat and actually some even have a meltdown, and then panic sets in because the economy seems to be collapsing when in actual fact it's simply making adjustments back to a some form of normality.

So what's happened before, we have seen many stock market crashes in the world, we have seen interest rates hit 25% and property prices crashing and you couldn't give away your house. In 2001 we had 9/11 and America has been at war since reinventing its economy. We had a Christmas day tsunami and we all mourned together. Oil prices jumped through the roof and then plummeted. The UN became the biggest freebie hand out organisation in history(talk about making a living out of donations mmmm), Mumbai had its worst day in years with the attacks recently and Mugabe has let his people die of cholera for power. Lehman brothers started the rot and all those guru books we read over the last thirty years are all being thrown out the window as being wrong, while the new gurus tell us - GET BACK TO BASICS and guess what.......on each of these occasions everyone thought it was the end of the world and that there was no light at the end of the tunnel and each time, believe it or not, the world did not actually end, it recovered and in fact things continued to get better.

So, I am sure that 2009 will be a far tougher year than we expected but we must be smart and be ready for what is coming at us. This means each day when you get up think what a beautiful morning, "now what am I going to do to make it better" - get ready for the next wave of life.

Make a positive mental note of everything that is happening now, because it will happen again and again, and if you don't recognize the symptoms you'll be suckered into the same negativity, and forget to look for the opportunities. So what if you have to work harder. You have been doing so for years.

It's easy to be negative. Subconsciously, you want to be negative! Whenever you open the papers they tell you about the worst and most vicious story and the most corrupt politicians and global warming. Why don't they dedicate more pages to the fact that there are great Samaritans out there helping others and that the white Lions of Timbavati have been saved from extinction? Because bad news sells(Bad news is Good). Good news is boring (Good news is bad).

Everyday we still have great weather and the demand from mankind continues to accelerate for resources food, fuel and, and and .... of course the governments around the world are bailing people out and man in his wisdom is working flat out to ensure we survive and restart the world economies and there is a birth of a massive and all-encompassing new industry happening as we speak. We just have not named it yet.

So I smile and strangely quite contently continue to deal with high rents, managing costs, bad drivers, staff needs, sharing problems, talking, dealing with irate clients, dealing with irritating bank staff, construction and dust as a daily occurrence, 45 degree summers, sand storms, late night flights, skype, bad coffee, a poor exchange rate, Zaatar(Thanks prince for the into), free advertising, handing out pamphlets, working with government departments, short notice for holidays and making my own bed daily.

This is what makes me feel alive and I wake up daily feeling like today is just a beautiful day. Then I know that I can ignore the bad news and read only the good news, because I am spreading it myself and that's what I can do to make it better.
JUST FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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