Monday, 23 March 2009

Estate Agents - Has the time come?

Happy Monday to everyone.

So, some of you have heard the banks have dropped their commission offerings to bond originators.

So, has the time come? Is the end of the line for estate agents commissions who've been eating away at the profit of bond originators for years!!!

Bottom line is: If bond originators carry on paying estate agents commissions, they'll go out of business...If they go out of business, estate agents won't get their 7% commission charges, which means, ultimately, that bond originators pay agents their salaries :)

Your thoughts? Is it the end of the line for commission payments to estate agents?

If you're bond originator, what are you doing to save costs in your business and what are you going to do about banks dropping commission offerings?

We'd love to hear!!


Colin Brazendale said...

As the property market gets more competitive the rates will fall for everyone. BO's and Agents. Look at the comms of UK and US = 1-3%

It is a sign our property market is growing up.

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the real estate market here is doing quite good..and hope it continuously get good outcome..

- ledz -

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