Friday, 5 June 2009

The Zuma Five - Go Go Go Mr President we love your song now lets see the dancesteps

Mr President, when I listened to your speech, I was impressed!
I have never felt more - that i want to believe what you say you will deliver.
I will stand by you and our country as we endeavour to claim our rightful place as proud South Africans.
bayete! I salute you as we create jobs, cut crime and create the rightful housing for all.
I see your hand in the strengthening of the Rand against the Dollar. The lowering of interest rates - which you COULD GIVE US MORE OF.
I know you have many masks that you must wear and I feel concern on the checkered past, but you do represent a very well needed change and I look forward to your bulldog approach when you take on crime!
I hope to see our banks lending to those needing credit as we weather the credit crises and I hope your intervention prevents them from stepping into a cocoon of protectionism as we need them to assist the people on obtaining homes and the financing thereof. The strength of using the reserve bank to lower our rates will force the banks to follow suite and give the man in the street the cash to keep our economy afloat, active and rebounding against the world storm.
bayete! You're such a THRILLER!!


WizardMan said...

Chris, the speach was brilliant. Thanks for making me read it at 10:00 pm hehhe

For those wanting to get a copy of the speech, post a comment here and I'll send it to you.


Anonymous said...

It is a positive thing that we are one of the few places still holding our won...Little South Africa has proved over and over how 'big' we really are.....
Seems that the world is teetering and falling over, but we are strong and will see this tight time through.
Trevor Emmanuel made the foundations strong BEFORE the credit crisis, and with fore-thought and fore-planning, see what it did for us.......
We will win this one and Mr President has a lot to prove, but I am also confident for myself and my children that there is still a good and solid future for us over here.
Everyone bitches about the education kids were the quinea pigs of the first batch of the new did not let us down.