Thursday, 6 August 2009

18 reasons why homebuyers should use a mortgage originator

In this market, it is critical that you use the services of an originator who knows how to position your bond for optimal success. Wizard has a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to enable us to find the right home for you.

So with this been said :) here it comes...

    1. Secure approvals: better chance of approval by submitting to multiple lenders (ABSA, Nedbank, FNB, Sanlam, Ithala Bank, Blue Financial Services and The National Housing Finance Corporation)
    2. Get the system to work for you: take advantage of the fact that each bank has different
    credit criteria, deposit requirements, documentation requirements, interest rates and
    turn-around times
    3. Expert positioning: prepare, motivate and package the application for the best chance of approval
    4. Best interest rates: banks compete for every loan application ensuring you get the best deal
    5. Simultaneous submission: direct interface to lenders systems allowing simultaneous submission of applications to multiple lenders
    6. No cost: it’s a free service to the homebuyer
    7. No obligation: no obligation to accept any loan sourced
    8. 7 years Expertise: home finance experts have intimate knowledge of the various banks’ products, credit criteria, documentation requirements and interest rates
    9. Problem escalation: dedicated senior personnel escalate any problem applications ensuring a better chance of approval
    10. Hassle free: one generic application form for all lenders
    11. Cost savings: advice on the best way to structure the loan to reduce the total cost
    12. Convenient: originator completes the application form and does all the legwork
    13. Faster approvals: dedicated personnel guide the application quickly through the bank’s approval process, actively chasing up progress
    14. Independent advice: most appropriate home loan options from all lenders
    15. Dedicated communication: one point of regular feedback on the application status
    for all lenders
    16. Best service: professional and personalised service either face-to-face,
    telephonic or online
    17. Commitment: home finance experts are committed to securing your loan
    18. Homebuyers all agree: over 70% of all new home loans are secured using mortgage originators