Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Standard Bank Home Loans - THEY'RE BACK!

Well, this post is way overdue but I've had alot of thinking and reading to do, so better late than never. You might have heard the latest news and updates in the home loan world, well, if you haven't here it is!!!!


Standard Bank home loans have opened there doors to bond originators! Not only have they opened their doors but they've allowed non Standard Bank clients to apply to.

Current product list that's been opened to bond originators:

1. 100% home loans up to R400 000
2. 90% home loans for the rest

It's a nice warm welcome, and with talk of 100% home loans being opened up too, let's hope it's a MOVE in the right direction for all the banks and the future of the mortgage market in South Africa.

Need assistance with your Standard Bank home loan today? CALL us 012 341 2223!!!


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