Thursday, 11 March 2010

NEDBANK - A GREAT Balancing Act - to get a Home Loan!!!!

Well I am impressed when I hear a  credit manager tell me what is needed to get a home loan - open policy - nice to see Nedbank .

Three pillars of strength needed folks - thats all so YOU WANT A HOME LOAN then -

RISK - You need to make the bank feel that all the risk is not only on their shoulders but also on yours.  So what do you need for this - A deposit reduces the banks risk and adds yours into the pot, so start saving.  Be a smart finance manager, so manage your accounts and VERY VERY important PAY YOUR ACCOUNTS ON TIME or in ADVANCE.  Never pay late.  Nedbank, like most banks have an internally risk rating of you as a client, so contact your Mortgage Broker and get your risk rating in advance, THEN apply for a mortgage only.

SECURITY - Well no one wants to be left hanging and neither do the banks and this is not particular for Nedbank only.  So make sure what you buy is acceptable for the banks to finance.  If a sectional title flat or apartment get the body corporate financials and make sure the body corporate is in the black (positive cash flow), not to many arrears and outstanding levies, and up to date paid insurance.  Then the bank will feel comfortable as well.  If you have just started a job, make sure you supply your job contract together with a payslip.  Its all about feeling secure. 

Ask your broker.

AFFORDABILITY  - If you want to be declined then dont justify what you can afford.  Remember 30% of your income is the MAXIMUM that the banks will allow you to spend on your home loan.  THATS IT!

DO NOT INFLATE YOUR SALARY AND INCOME! OR DEFLATE YOUR EXPENSES! If it is unrealistic the banks will automatically add an additional 25% to your expenses and once declined on affordability it is very difficult to convince credit managers otherwise.  IT IS TO PROTECT YOU afterall!!!!!!  Ask your mortgage advisor to assist you before you have a bash yourself.

Lovely, easy and A GREAT BALANCING ACT!

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