Friday, 26 March 2010

10% rate So whats my savings!

 For every R 100,000.00 home loan you save a minimum of R 33.36 per month or R 8,006.40 over 20 years

If you have a R 500,000.00 mortgage you save a minimum of R 168.79 per month and thats a whopping R 40,509.60 over the 20 years - the price of a second hand car.

Thank you Gill you are on the Marc(us)

Market Update - GBP / ZAR - what do the UK Forex boys say!!!

The South African Reserve Bank cut interest rates yesterday in a move designed to slow down the rapid appreciation of the Rand. Moving rates down to 6.5% the bank expressed concerns that the currency's strength may hinder exports and derail the fragile economic recovery. At 6.5% the Rand remains one of the highest yielding currencies, and has benefitted from strong investor risk appetite and low yields elsewhere (just 0.5% in the UK for example).

Now what do you say!!


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