Friday, 16 April 2010

Retirement Cape Town

Retire In Cape Town - South Africa
Retire in Cape Town. Cape Town is the ideal place to retire to:

Blue oceans, majestic mountains, and mile upon mile of unspoilt beaches, this is what retiring to Cape Town would mean for those thinking of making this their retirement destination.

We work so hard to maintain a fast-paced, frenetic lifestyle, and retiring to the coast seems a far-off dream for so many of us city dwellers, but why should this be the case?

Why not make Cape Town retirement a dream that can come true for either you or you and your partner. Well you may wonder why my little "BLURB" and punt for this majestic "last Bastian of colonialism" on the planet ;-)... Well, I visited a retirement resort in Cape Town that was not only beautiful but so something that looks like it came out of Dubai.

So for more information on this place, make sure that you check out Cape Town's TOP retirement resort - Oasis Retirement Resort!


Retirement Community Long Island said...

Cape Town is one of the best cities that you can live out your retirement. The climate is warm and the people are very friendly to foreign retirees.

Cara Larose said...

Well, what can I say? The place looks really relaxing. I like the scenery of this place. I guess there really are some beautiful places hidden in plain sight.