Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Fnb Bank cuts costs and then raises costs

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What caught my eye this morning was the article on the Business Day, talking about FNB raising it's banking charges by 6%.

This comes as no surprise to me, funny enough although FNB claim to have the lowest banking charges of all banks, they are closing offices around the countries and obviously need to make this money back by increasing the charges of their loyal supports and people who actually bring them business and help them grow. Fnb bank have come under alot of scrutiny in the last couple of weeks, but as a BUSINESS banking client and PERSONAL banking client of FNB for almost 15 years now, I find that having to increase our costs to help support the loss they're going to make by closing all their smaller branches PATHETIC to say the least.

I've been considering moving from FNB for some time now, as soon as the WORLD CUP (which I have 3 tickets for, grim and weep boys), is over, I'll consider a change.

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Anonymous said...

Fnb is according to myself the best with regard to service. Banking costs at Nedbank is good but service at Nedbank especially Nedbank Business Banking in Middelburg is not good at all. Stay away from Cobus de Bruyn. He is a Business Manager and dont know his job. His clients left and went to FNB. When people warned me about him I thought no it cant be that bad, but I realised its true. He was working at Absa in Groblersdal and as it is in small towns, the story in town is that Absa asked him to go, so I dont know what he did................