Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Handy Tips for Mortgage Originator Offices

Difference between a building loan and additions/alterations to an existing property.

a. Building Loan
A building loan is a home loan used to finance the construction of a dwelling on vacant land, i.e.

1. The client is purchasing the vacant land and wishes to building a dwelling
2. The client owns the vacant land and wishes to build a dwelling
3. The client wishes to switch vacant land and then apply to build a dwelling

The following additional documents will be required:

- Contract
- Approved plans
- Schedule of finishes
- NHBRC certificates

B. Additions/Alterations to an existing property
This is treated as an ordinary loan and could occur in the following instances:

1. The client is purchasing an existing dwelling but wants to also apply for further funds to undertake additions or alterations. As this would then be more than 100% of the purchase price these application must be capture as a further building loan. There must please be a note confirming that this is a further building loan for building alterations / additions

2. The client is undertaking additions/alterations on his existing property that is bonded to Nedbank. This is treated as a normal further loan with our without registration.

The following additional documents will be required:

- Quotes or the contract
- Approved plans if structural changes
- NHBRC certificates
- Schedule of finishes

If the application is approved these funds will be held on retention and the funds paid out as work progresses after registration of the bond.


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