Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Cover your ASSet my freud!

Well if you die!!!!! Then who the hell (pardon the pun) will pay off your home loan and your... and your...
Thats its mate! You are either life insurance covered or you are totally Zuped - not only cause you are dead, but more importantly because all those crying because of you will end up crying because of you!!!

So- do yourself (actually all the others) a favour - CYA today Cover your ASSet now.

A little birdie told me:

The bank who lend you money will insist on you taking life insurance on your life to cover the bond.  Thats not ONLY because they want to make money - which they do, and should, but its really because they know, people like you and I, actually do die!!! MMMMM!

They also know that the life insurance taken - can come from many sources, but without it - we are all ffffffffffffreakin in badland!

So bottomline - buy a home from a great estate agent - then cover your ASSet with Life insurance - its actually about the others - not us!!

Kind of OK  - guys and girls!

PS What about this goal fest and vibe mmmmmmm! Kenako!

New Cape based 6% Home loans - keep your eyes open.

On Tuesday 10th July 2007, we reported:  "Apparently you can get your home loan now @ 6% interest. Be careful people, when a company (Rudco) claims to have financing from a external source and they're not backed by the banks or registered as a registered financial institution, those blinkers should start flapping."

Now their fearless leader Rudi Visage is languishing in jail and what do we see.....

A new Cape-based scheme is requesting that its clients can really score and we will see a new financial miracles by offering them home loans fixed at 6% for the life of the home loan......well!!!

A report in Real estate web today warns everyone to beware and we agree 100% - keep those eyes open as ther is no such thing as a quick buck!

stick to the tried and tested and do your homeloan through a great mortgage orginator

Monday, 14 June 2010

Bless you - Bafana! Property Booms On your back!!

So the excitement and the near win by Bafana -  hoping this frenzy steps into the property market Bless You Carlos Parreira

Knowing that Standard bank, FNB, ABSA and Nedbank all had half days on Friday for this 2010 opening clash, we see a hive of activity today.

More Offers on land - keeping in mind that locals can get 70% loan to value  and foreign non residents can only get a 50% loan. However we want them here and we have a wonderful TRANSFER FREE product for bringing the deposit and monthly mortgage payment into SA from anywhere in the world.  Secondly the forex rates are ALWAYS better than any high street bank offer.

Those buying holiday homes, buy to lets, apartments and homes have exactly the same deal. 50% loan if Non SA citizen and a 100% loan if an SA citizen.

So looking forward to Wednesday when Bafana take on Uruguay and as they say Bien Vienuto! 

Friday, 11 June 2010


Sorry shops closed till tomorrow!!!!


Thursday, 10 June 2010

FNB Bank closes early for world cup opening

Well well well... Why the hell not!!! Get out YOUR VUVUZELA'S! Fnb is.

Early Closure for World Cup Opening 11th June 2010 and 22nd June 2010

FNB Home Loans will be closing at 12h30 on Friday 11th June 2010 in the spirit of the Soccer World Cup. The opening ceremony commences at 13h20 hence the above-mentioned decision. Furthermore, on June 22nd when SA plays France, we will be showcasing our patriotism by closing shop at 14h00.

Please note that the OSCAR service desk, the Contact Centre, and all staff at FNB home Loans will not be available during this period. We trust that you and your staff will enjoy this historic occasion and thank you for your understanding.

Feel it, it is here…
FNB is the Official South African Bank of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Free Transfer of Money to SA - 2010 is here


So what do people say about our forex and transfer service:

Mr. Cox (GLOBAL) has provided this service to Steiner from his UK office since 1998 with incredible reliability and accuracy while at the same time bringing savings to this company. He is very reliable, well respected in his field and easy to contact. Steiner executes the purchases of millions of pounds through him on an annual basis as he provides visibility to what should be paid for currency and is able to consistently beat the traditional bank rates which have brought positive savings to this company.

I can only say that Mr. Cox and his company are true professionals and I would have no hesitation in recommending his professional services.”

Carl St. Philip
Vice President
Security Alliance.

So for forex transfers, free from transfer fees, excellent rates and the best money transfer service around.
Contact us your forex fundi a global service.  THIS RELATIONSHIP WILL LAST FOREVER!!

2010 is upon us - get you forex service today

Friday, 4 June 2010


Send your money with no transfer to SA and spend this on the 2010 World Cup


Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Debt Counselling the Biggest Challenge!

The NCR report: Request this from us now.

1. Media reports on the world credit industry
2. Effect of the NCA

Where to from here for credit industry.

report by Adv. Jan Augustyn manager Investigations and Enforcement