Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Cover your ASSet my freud!

Well if you die!!!!! Then who the hell (pardon the pun) will pay off your home loan and your... and your...
Thats its mate! You are either life insurance covered or you are totally Zuped - not only cause you are dead, but more importantly because all those crying because of you will end up crying because of you!!!

So- do yourself (actually all the others) a favour - CYA today Cover your ASSet now.

A little birdie told me:

The bank who lend you money will insist on you taking life insurance on your life to cover the bond.  Thats not ONLY because they want to make money - which they do, and should, but its really because they know, people like you and I, actually do die!!! MMMMM!

They also know that the life insurance taken - can come from many sources, but without it - we are all ffffffffffffreakin in badland!

So bottomline - buy a home from a great estate agent - then cover your ASSet with Life insurance - its actually about the others - not us!!

Kind of OK  - guys and girls!

PS What about this goal fest and vibe mmmmmmm! Kenako!


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