Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Free Transfer of Money to SA - 2010 is here


So what do people say about our forex and transfer service:

Mr. Cox (GLOBAL) has provided this service to Steiner from his UK office since 1998 with incredible reliability and accuracy while at the same time bringing savings to this company. He is very reliable, well respected in his field and easy to contact. Steiner executes the purchases of millions of pounds through him on an annual basis as he provides visibility to what should be paid for currency and is able to consistently beat the traditional bank rates which have brought positive savings to this company.

I can only say that Mr. Cox and his company are true professionals and I would have no hesitation in recommending his professional services.”

Carl St. Philip
Vice President
Security Alliance.

So for forex transfers, free from transfer fees, excellent rates and the best money transfer service around.
Contact us your forex fundi a global service.  THIS RELATIONSHIP WILL LAST FOREVER!!

2010 is upon us - get you forex service today


Money transfer said...

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"The MAGE" said...

Yes we manage to transfer money from UAE, UK, USA europe to SA and its FREE of transfer fees. A win win for all

"The MAGE" said...

An our forexfundi approach is a winner

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