Monday, 16 August 2010

Should I buy, fix, sell and get RICH!!!!!!

Yesterday, I bought a PIP (Yup! a property in possession). 
Thank heavens some other sucker could not afford to pay his homeloan.
I scored, I really, really scored as I could raise some money
from my other homeloan for this house. Oh, what a bargain!

Now, I am going to do quick, fixit, with my gardner and a couple of guys off the street who walk around carrying paintbrushes and ladders with card board adverts.  They are really so cheap and desperate for work that a few more bucks will sort that out.

Then i'll sell it on Private property so that i do not need an agent and I'll save myself a fortune.

Speculation, the mothers of invention. (Sic)

So whats the reality in property!!! Or does reality exist in properties in possession!

Owning property is no doubt great.  Owing the bank money for the property is not so hot, but the truth is not all of us have hard earned cash!!

Second mortgages, even third and fourth ones to cover that little speculative property, can be great when things are good and you have rental income, but not so great when the burning hole in your pocket hurts like crazy.

A quick fixit, can also be a quick drain on cash, especially with no recourse and no guarantees.  so be careful.

Choosing the right place and area.  That is tough to answer.  Position, position, position means cost, cost, cost - You pay big time, for the big view.  So keep these thoughts close and keep your head at all times.

The key thoughts are, are there people with money.  Parents with student kinders.  Older folks needing places without stairs.???

Real estate agents actively active in the area.  Do properties move in the area.  Do the banks finance in the area.  That information is always available for you. get a great real estate agent or mortgage originator to assist you.  they will, they want your business.

Oh, yes, please do not forget, selling means you need buyers.
Selling means you need a nice place for someone who wants it with things that work.

so, let us hope that your painter with the ladder is not the owner of the PIP!!!!  mmmmmmmmmmm

be cool, be cool!!! Its still a good deal, just make sure you prepare yourself well -- ask the debt doctor he can tell you everything


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