Thursday, 21 October 2010

Who has your interest at heart?


Yarrawonga real estate said...

This was a cool, insightful and intersting video to watch.

So true that real estate agents are still human beings and are looking after their own interests as well as the client.

Just being aware of this sought of information can help put you in the power position when it comes to selling your home through an agent.

Anonymous said...

You know i love these thru to real life postings...thanks could do with plenty more especially on the funny side of buying and selling property

Anonymous said...

so so so true... i loved that video! very well done.

Ada Harriotts said...

While everybody can agree with the video. There are several questions not answered.
1. Who actually brought the buyer to the property and will the buyer wait with his/her offer while the seller tries to hold out for more money.
2. It is possible that the extra $10,000 is never offered.
3. Usually here in the UK, the seller wants to move to a new property, so it is in his own interest to get the sale completed before he/she can get the loan to buy the new house. Not very often people sell their houses, put the money in the bank and begin to look for a new house.

"The MAGE" said...

Ada, you are quite correct in your last point. In SA its usually , I sell my place then buy and the only time folks sell and then bank is when they are getting a temporary deal out of teh situation and need to buy time. Currently in South Africa rents are great and defintelly way less than the price of a mortgage and we have seen quite a few client who have sold, banked or inbvested in unit trusts such as Allan grays, funds, received supe returns of between 12% and 18% and then bought later. very ineteresting and thanks for the feedback