Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bedfordview takes the lead in looking after their investment - the people

Now for excellent news:

Do you remember that huge public meeting we had that took place at the Bedfordview Town Hall with the MEC?

Well, we have had several follow up meetings with representatives from the MEC’s office. They have now chosen Bedfordview to launch the first “Know your Neighbour” campaign, as well as the “Bedfordview / Patroller campaign.”

So, on Saturday, the 18th of June, from 8am, Bedfordview is going to become a hive of activity across all three sectors!! Each sector will have one road where most of the action takes place. Sector 1 – Van der Linde Road, Sector 2 – Bowling Road, Sector 3 – Amber Road. We are bringing in the dog unit, horse unit, helicopters, and SAPS, METRO, reservists, patrollers and school children will be involved. Officials from government will be arriving in four small buses to come into the community.

The BCPF is calling on everyone in all three sectors to have a street braai / party on Saturday, the 18th of June, to coincide with the campaign. The media will be visiting these parties, so please let us know about what you will be planning. There will be a prize for the vibeiest party. It’s going to be great, and will serve to show that criminals must stay out of our area!


Our first 60 patrollers have been trained! Thank you so much to Hall Real Estate for the venue, as well as to the MEC’s office for the food. This intrepid bunch will receive police clearances, will have their fingerprints taken, and will each be given: a patroller jacket, cap and will have the use of a two way radio.

You’ll see them all out and about on the 18th of June. If you would like to be a patroller, please contact Valerio
You’ll be receiving more news about the 18th of June “Know your Neighbour” campaign shortly. Please diarise – from a marketing perspective this is an incredible way to turn around the perception that only gangsters live in Bedfordview.

Awesome stuff now we can finance you for your home loan and your investment will remain safe.

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